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The Station of Sincerity

Those who journey with the utmost sincerity;
Following the legislation by which faith is measured.

These two principles, sincerity (ikhlas) and conformity (mutaba’ah) are a prerequisite for every act of worship, inward or outward, to be valid. Every act that is not done intending the Face of Allah is futile; and every act that does not conform to the Sunnah of Allah’s Messenger (salallahu ‘alayhi wa salam) is rejected.

It is only when an action combines sincerity for the One being worshipped-which means intending to seek the Face of Allah when performing the action- and conformity with the Messenger- by doing those actions that have been prescribed and legislated-that an action becomes acceptable.

Ibn-al-Qayyim, May Allaah have mercy upon him said: “It has been said “Sincerity is to forget the creation seeing you because of continually looking towards the Creator. Whoever adorns himself before the people with what he does not posses, has fallen from Allaah’s Grace.” “From the words of Fudayl are: “Leaving an action for the people’s sake is ostentaion (riya’), whereas doing an action for people’s sake is shirk. Sincerity is where Alaah saves you from both of these.

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The Exquisite Pearl

Fortunate are those who avoid the destructive paths;
Intending the stations of Allah’s good pleasure.

Those who journey with the utmost sincerity;
Following the legislation by which faith is measured.

Those who build the stations of their journey;
Submitting between being fearful and being hopeful.

Those whose hearts the Divine has filled;
With devotion to Him and love for the Most-Merciful

Those who remember Him and do so abundantly;
In private, public, at all times in continuance.

Seeking nearness to the Sovereign-Master;
By obeying Him and forsaking disobedience.

Doing what is obligatory and optional is their way;
Inspecting their own faults and their deficiencies.

Their souls patiently enduring all that is disdainful;
Desirous of what it entails of benevolence.

They arrive at the Station of Contentment;
Ultimately reaching the Garden and safety.

For His bounties to His creation they are grateful;
With their heart, tongues, and the limbs of their body.

Reliance is their companion in all affairs;
Whilst striving in the pleasure of the All-Merciful.

Worshipping the Divine, believing in His presence;
Thus taking their place at the Station of Excellence.

Advising others to that which pleases their Lord;
With knowledge, guidance, and compassion.

Accompanying the people in bodily form;
Whilst their spirits dwell at a sublimer station.

They alert creation to their complete need for Allaah;
Continuosly fearing a decrease in their faith.

Their hearts turning away from all distractions;
Completely emptied of other than the Most-Merciful.

Their movements, concerns and their resolves;
Are all for Allaah, not creation, nor the Devil.

The best of friends is the seeker of these paths;
Which leads to acquiring goodness and ihsaan.

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